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REVIEW: Church
Category: Resources | Review Added: January 10, 2012
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Church from Revelation Apps aim to be the swiss army knife of Christian apps for its users. The app brings together six of the company's best-selling Christian apps into a single application, all for just $2.99! From providing offline access to the Bible, to inspirational quotes from Jesus, memory verses and even a tithe calculator, this is an app that does quite a lot for the price making it an exceptional value.

When you first open the app, you're presented with a home screen that includes a photo that can be changed between two different versions alongside a random inspirational verse. Tapping on the verse will make another one appear so you can toggle through countless selections.

The bottom navigation gives you easy access to the six apps within the app including Bible, Prayers, Memory, Tithing, Kids and Help.

The Bible app includes nice navigation, a search feature, the ability to bookmark and change the theme and text size. The version available is KJV, which means its appeal will be selective, but it's nice to have along the other apps.

The Prayers Journal allows you to enter prayer requests and then mark if you've actually prayed for that item or even select that "God answered this." I can see this coming in handy, especially for prayer warriors that seek to be praying for multiple people. It's a great way to organize your prayer life!

The Memory Verses app selects various well known scripture and encourages you to commit them to memory. The verses are pre-selected for you and you can mark as memorized, run self-tests (which gives you a fill in the blank worksheet) or you can reorder the words in the verse. These are some great options to help you really memorize scripture and I love these tools. Very creative.

The Tithe Calculator allows you to input your monthly income, set the tithe amount (which is set at 10% as default) and if you want to pay monthly or weekly. The app cranks out the math for you which is also handy, especially if you have flexible income that changes month to month.

The Kids app gives something for children to enjoy and offers Bible Hangman as the game. The graphics are pretty old school classic religious and, of course, all the words you're guessing are Christian words (Abraham, Romans and Zimri were my three...I went 1 for 3).

Overall, this is a great value and a lot of creativity went into designing this app. You can purchase all of these separately, but why do that when you can save some bucks with Church. —Kevin McNeese

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