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Granny's Bible Dojo
REVIEW: Granny's Bible Dojo
Category: Games | Review Added: June 14, 2011
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Everyone loves Grandmas. They are wonderful at dishing out great advice with the sweetest of tones and surprising you with skills you never knew they playing instruments, writing, or in the case of Granny's Bible Dojo, breaking boards while showing off their incredibly sharp memory after all these years.

You start the game by entering your name before diving into Granny's Training Program, where you're guided through the books of the Bible in order, a section at a time. Along the way, there are eight sections with varying difficult as Granny tests your Bible book knowledge. The goal is to break the boards (this Granny knows karate!) in the correct order. Miss and the board doesn't break, but your hand gets bruised (a great way to display damage as you go along). Break your hand, and you'll have to shake it off and start again. Need help along the way? Luckily, Granny is also an excellent cook and has baked up three chocolate chip fortune cookies that you can break with clues to help you along your way.

The game is repetitive by design, which quickly facilitates easily memorizing the order of the books of the Bible. And each level builds on the last to ensure past knowledge isn't lost. It's a simple concept, but great effort went into the overall design and as you progress, you earn knick knacks that fill up Granny's cupboard, rewarding the quick leaner.

I found the graphics in Granny's Bible Dojo to be original and fantastic, the voice work excellent and the overall concept of the game to be very engaging for an adult or a young adult. Instructions were clear and the game was challenging. Learning the books of the Bible in order is not an easy task, but this app makes it possible and completely fun in the process. —Kevin McNeese

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