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Jesus Loves Me
Jesus Loves Me
Category: Children's / Christmas
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The first children's app from Listener Kids (designed and available for both iPhone and iPad) centers around the song, "Jesus Loves Me." Kids can sing, play, watch and learn with this app that includes a lot of fun features that will get kids engaged in this Sunday morning classic.

The user can choose from four main options:

First, they can watch the incredibly cute, and well animated video for "Jesus Loves Me," sung well by kids. Even parents won't be able to resist the incredibly cute butties, squirrels, butterflys and other adorable forest animals that bring this song to life. It's nice that they featured both girls and boys on the versus so the song will appeal to all kids. My four year old boy has this video on repeat right now and it's awesome to hear him singing right along.

Speaking of singing, the best feature of the app is next: the ability to sing and record karaoke style to four different remixes of "Jesus Loves Me." You can choose to sing all by yourself, or with background singers, save your recording and then even share it with your family and friends via email. Children's voices help navigate the little ones that can't yet read through the process.

There is also six great animated shorts that feature some of the characters from the video. The first character quotes a bible verse and the second character explains it in a very simple way that kids can quickly relate to. I really enjoyed going through these with my kids and discussing the various applications. We had some fun discussions that came out of this section of the app and I've seen my kids return to it over and over again. It's so great to see them investing their time learning about scripture than playing Angry Birds all the time!

Finally, there's the classic memory game, which is always a hit with the kids (and possibly over competitive parents as well)!

Overall, this is a deep app that is beautifully animated and executed and it will give your kids a lot of enjoyement while letting them know that yes, Jesus loves them so much!


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