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My Daily Walk


REVIEW: My Daily Walk
Category: Resources | Review Added: December 1, 2013
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My Daily Walk, by WalkingWithChrist, is described by the developer as “an app that allows a person to see how their lifestyle and daily choices line up with the word of God, according to the King James version of the Bible."

The user answers “yes” or “no” to 10 questions (for example: "Today, did you tell a lie?" "Did you pray?" "Did you spread gossip?") Based on those answers, the user will see if they have “walked” down the road leading to Satan or the road leading to Christ. At the end of the questions, the “walker” will receive a special scripture message that is based on his walk for that day.

The app also contains a “Quick Reference” guide with a Biblical perspective on certain topics, such as abortions, drinking, bullying, gangs, sex, etc.

My Daily Walk seems a bit slow and clunky, and the King James version of the scriptures feels a bit out-of-date with so many great modern versions available these days. The aim of the app is to help men, women and youth understand where their daily choices are leading them. But, for this reviewer, it just doesn’t seem to connect the dots and I wasn't able to connect with the method of delivery as intended. It may be best suited for the new believer that is just discovering scripture and how to apply it to their life and ongoing struggles.

Perhaps a beta study with several different age groups might help bring this app to a largest demographic and to more generations? The idea is worthy enough to continue exploring in newer versions. —Jerry Fee

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